About Bay Publishing

Bay Publishing was started in 1994 and is a 100% Botswana-based company. Its directors are Jode Anderson (BW - managing) and Lene Bay (DK).

Bay Publishing mainly publishes textbooks and other books used at the University of Botswana, including texts on law, mathematics, physics, etc. It currently (2014) has 41 titles that are being used at UB.

Bay Publishing has also published books for the open market; examples include Golden Tendrils, a selection of poems written by Obbie Tau; Michael Dingake’s Politics of Confusion, a history of the fracturing of the Botswana National Front in the mid-1990s; Maxwell and Mogwe’s In the Shadow of the Noose, a report on a death-row conviction in Botswana and its subsequent repeal; Environment and Development: Selected Themes from Eastern and Southern Africa, edited by Musyoki and Khayesi; and Changing Family Systems: A Global Perspective, edited by Maundeni, Levers and Jacques.