Economic Development of Botswana

  • Year: 2005
  • ISBN: 99912-561-5-6
  • Format: 20 x 26 cm
  • Pages: 288
  • Binding: paperback
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With a per capita gross national income of about US$ 3,430 in 2004, Botswana has turned out to be one of Africa’s success stories of sustained economic growth, which is anchored on good governance, political stability and prudent macroeconomic management. Botswana was rated as one of the poorest countries in Africa at the time of Independence in 1966. During a period of about three decades thereafter, the country managed to emerge as an upper-middle-income developing country, with the annual growth rate of per capita income averaging 8.4%. The country has built both public and parastatal institutions that have driven the process of economic growth.

The book addresses issues and policies relating to major economic sectors and therefore the different aspects of the economy since Independence. The subject is presented in a manner that is accessible to interested non-specialists, while maintaining the degree of rigour necessary for students of economics as well as those with some training in economic theory.