Grant, E.

Grant, S.

Decorated Homes in Botswana

  • Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 99912-0-140-8
  • Format: 23 x 29 cm
  • Paper: 135 gsm
  • Pages: 134
  • Binding: hard cover & dust jacket
  • Illustrated: yes, colour
  • Price ex. VAT BWP: 160.00
  • Notice: Price subject to change.

Traditional house decoration has been practised in southern Africa for centuries, but much of it is unknown to the rest of the world. This book about decoration in Botswana is based on thorough research and is testomony to the irrepressible spirit of the women artists of Botswana.

In 1987, the chance discovery of an exceptionally decorated home convinced Elinah and Sandy Grant that they should find out if this was the last gasp of a dying art form or if decorated homes could be found elsewhere. The book, with photographis by Sandy Grant, combines historic information with first-hand experience gleaned through discussions with the women artists themselves. The result of the Grants’ seven-year quest shows how much they were able to find. It should be a revelation for all who care about and enjoy African and ethnic art.

Decorated Homes in Botswana