Foster, J. D. G.

Uziak, J.

Dynamics: Lecture Notes, 2nd ed.

  • Year: 2006
  • ISBN: 978-99912-561-1-3
  • Format: 17 cm x 24 cm
  • Pages: 120
  • Binding: paperback
  • Illustrated: Yes
  • Price ex. VAT BWP: 160.00
  • Notice: Price subject to change.

Dynamics is a brief but wide-ranging textbook suitable for all engineering and physics students studying for honours degrees, foundation degrees or other higher education programmes. It is divided into chapters that correspond to the lectures of a single semester of study, and contains a selection of worked examples and problems for self-directed learning. Effective understanding of dynamics only comes about when the theory is applied by the learner to a large variety of engineering situations, ranging from those with micron dimensions to those of astronomy and spaceflight. The examples and problems in this book give the learner just those opportunities.

The book assumes that the learner is familiar with vector algebra and with the differentiation and integration of functions of time and space. The material corresponds to a course in the first year of a degree programme; it forms a foundation for further courses in such areas as Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Mechanics of Machines, Relativistic Mechanics and Sustainable Energy Engineering.  

Dynamics: Lecture Notes, 2nd ed.