Sheila Bagnall’s Letters from Botswana 1966-1974

  • Year: 2001
  • ISBN: 99912-0-345-1
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  • Pages: 348
  • Binding: paperback
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‘As Swaneng is one of the ‘sights’ of Bechuanaland and as in my more sanguine moments I think it may be important in African history, I had better, first of all, enlarge on the idea behind it which, while not startlingly new in concept, is probably unique in practise.’

In this striking manner Sheila Bagnall began a remarkable record of her experiences in Botswana. Sheila lays on an extraordinary cast of people both well known and little known - political and tribal leaders, civil servants, staff members and students, and people she met on her travels. She describes the hectic, tumultuous routine at Swaneng School and the sometimes dramatic

events which occurred there. She recounts the story of her visits to Gaborone, Mochudi, Mmadinare, Bobonong, Molepolole and Kanye and, mostly during school holidays, to Zambia, Lesotho, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa.

Absorbing, informative and entertaining, Sheila’s letters will be compulsive reading for anyone who was ever involved with Swaneng; for those wanting to understand why, in Sheila’s words, what must be ‘basically one of the dullest countries under the sun’, should exert ‘such a compelling grip’; and for researchers and general interest readers. Also for anyone who wishes to know what grass roots development can really mean. The letters are the personal testimony of a truly exceptional person.

Sheila Bagnall’s Letters from Botswana 1966-1974


Grant, S.